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"My Sisters Keeper" images now in the Filmography!

26th November 2013

Improved the filmography code/functionality and updated shopping links

10th November 2013

You've Got Mail gallery upgraded to HD and a few new movies added to the filmography (no stills).

26th July 2013

Yet again the gallery broke, hopefully this is the last time.

17th July 2012

Added missing images from 2006 and 2007 to the photo gallery.

16th July 2012

Added Hallees 2012 headshots to the photo gallery.

4th September 2009

Fixed a bug on the photo gallery page.

30th August 2009

Multimedia section updated.

6th July 2009

Watch the 16 to Life trailer, now available in the Multimedia section.

8th June 2009

Watch the trailer for 16 to Life or visit the website.

20th April 2008

Re-uploaded the You've Got Mail images as they somehow have gotten deleted from the server.

31st December 2007

Site redesign finished and now online.

22nd December 2007

Site redesign begins.

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